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What is 206 Area Code?

The 206 area code covered a wide range of land when it was first established in 1947. In fact, it covered the entire state of Washington. Washington is the most northern state on the west coast.

The 206 area code contains plenty of nature, safe cities, and an economy that has enough diversity that most people can find a career in their desired fields. Plus, with startup businesses seemingly springing up everywhere and tech giants calling the area home, it will certainly keep on growing in years to come.

Where is 206 Area Code?

Area code 206 is in Washington (WA), USA and some of the main locations covered are Seattle, Mercer Island, Bainbridge Island, Burton, Vashon, Seahurst and Rollingbay .It is the only area code that serves the area.

Seattle is known as a place for artists to explore their gifts. There have been a plethora of famous bands that began in Seattle such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Plus, the rock legend Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle in 1942. Furthermore, there are world-famous film festivals that happen in this region. With the beautiful mountains, rivers, and lakes, it is not hard to see why artists, and people in general, would love to live in this geographical area.

In addition, Seattle is known as a sports town. The 206 area code has an MLB team, an NHL team, an MLS team, and a WNBA team. It was not long ago that the NBA team named the Supersonics also called Seattle their home.

With the mild winters and mild summers, the 206 region is a pleasant place to explore with most of its citizens feeling that the area is quite safe. Plus, even though it is one of the most northern states, it is not as cold as you may think with the Pacific winds keeping the temperature from fluctuating too much.

The Time Zone of 206 Area Code

206 Area Code has the Pacific Standard Time (PST) time zone with the sun finally making its exit every day in the United States on the west coast.

The History of 206 Area Code

At the time the 206 area code was assigned, the whole state of Washington had a total population of just under 2.4 million people. On January 1, 1957, it was deemed that there had to be another area code added to the region, and area code 509 was assigned to the eastern two-thirds of Washington.

When compared today to Washington’s 7.6 million total population, the growth rate of the state has more than tripled in the last 70 years. Because of this, the 206 area code now only covers geographically a small portion of Washington. In 1995, as the 206 area code phone numbers were quickly running out of possibilities, it was then decided to keep 206 for the cities of Seattle, Vashon, Bainbridge Island, and 40 other smaller cities and assign the 360 area code to areas that had 206 previously.

The Demographics of 206 area code

With the 206 area code only covering a small portion of Washington since 1995, the population for the 206 area code is at about 900,000 people. The average household income is $44,588 with the average house value being right around $233,000. The cost of living in the whole state of Washington is a bit expensive, more costly than the national average, with high sales tax and goods costing generally more. However, the property taxes there are very reasonable when compared to other states and the senior citizens can possibly receive a discount on these taxes.

In the 206 area code, 72 percent of the population is white, 7 percent is black, and 12 percent is Asian. The rest of the population is composed of Hispanic people and individuals of other races.

The Main Industries of 206 Area Code

There are several industries that employ individuals in the 206 area code, but some of the more popular ones are:
● About 20 percent of the people in the 206 area code are employed in the education, social services, and health fields.
● About 15 percent are employed in the professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management services.
● About 10 percent are involved in manufacturing.
● Almost 9 percent are employed in the arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services.
● About 7 percent are in the finance, insurance, real estate, and rental and leasing fields.

Other Popular Area Codes

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