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What is 210 Area Code?

The 210 area code was a new one that was assigned fairly recently in the grand scheme of area code history in the United States.

While San Antonio is not an expensive place to live and the yearly annual income for most is on the low side, it truly is a great place to live with the diverse cultures, the entertainment, and the almost perfect climate. In addition, there are many top Fortune 500 headquarters located around the area so if someone can get their foot in the door, a person’s finances could improve greatly.

There is a steep history between San Antonio and the rest of the country. Home to the Alamo, there are very few places in the United States that are as historic as San Antonio. Anyone that enjoys history will love to walk down the streets and take it all in.

The diverse cultures in San Antonio, including Mexican, Tejano, Irish, German, Czechoslovakian, and more really makes it a melting pot of traditions and attitudes. One block to the next can definitely change the feel of the location as the heritages can be plenty diverse. It really is an experience if you are interested in trying different foods and getting to learn the cultures themselves.

In sea creatures and animals are more your thing, the San Antonio Zoo is the third largest zoo in the country. And Seaworld is something to experience as well. Plus, even in the coldest months, the daily high temperature is above 60 degrees. If being outdoors is to your liking, San Antonio and the 210 area code should be right up your alley.

Where is 210 Area Code?

The 210 area code mainly covers San Antonio, Texas and a few surrounding areas in that region.

The top two cities in the 210 area code according to population are San Antonio at 1,327,407 and Schertz at 31,465. None of the other cities in the 210 even have a population of more than 20,000.

Texas has 27 area codes in total, which is second most for all states. But it is for good reason. They are the second most populated state in the whole country with an estimated current population of 30 million. It is only behind California for area codes and population.

The Time Zone of 210 Area Code

210 Area Code is located in the Central time zone, also known as America/Chicago time zone. Its standard time is 6 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) , which can be written as UTC - 6:00.

The History of 210 Area Code

On November 1, 1992, Area code 210 was officially put into service. It was created from area code 512. In 1997, it was split to create area codes 830 and 956. On October 23, 2017, area code 726 was officially put into service as an overlay of area code 210.

The Demographics of 210 Area Code

Depending upon the source, the 210 area code is home to 1,400,000 to 1,600,000 people. And while people often believe there are fewer minorities in Texas in total, the truth is that this is not even close to being correct.

Texas has the second-highest Hispanic and Latino population in the country with about 11.2 million. Furthermore, it has the highest black population at 3.9 million.

In the 210 area code, the average house value is only $89,564.70. When compared with the average house price, as estimated by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the median home sales price for the whole country is $374,900. As you can see, the 210 area code is not an expensive place to live. However, the properties may not be exactly top of the line either.

In addition, the average household income for the 210 area code is $44,103. The national average household income for the United States is right around $70,000. Once again, 210 is coming in lower.

The Main industries of 210 Area Code

San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the country and is able to bring in a few top Fortune 500 companies because of it. GM Financial, H.E.B., Frost Bank, The Hartford, Rackspace, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Toyota, USAA, Wells Fargo, Caterpillar and Tyson all call San Antonio home as their headquarters are in San Antonio or just on the edge of it.

San Antonio’s largest employers are the military, USAA (financial services), H-E-B Grocery, school districts, and medical facilities.

Other Popular Area Codes

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