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What is 310 Area Code?

The 310 area code covers approximately 50 localities and neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, including Beverly Hills, Malibu, Marina del Rey, and Culver City. The 310 stretches north up the coast from approximately north of South Beach to west of Long Beach. Santa Catalina Island, roughly 26 miles south of the main body of Los Angeles County, is included in the area code.
Some of the most well-known landmarks on the west coast may be found in the 310 area code.

The 310 area coastline is lined with beautiful beaches, including Santa Monica Beach, which is home to the famed Santa Monica Pier, where visitors may enjoy fair rides, California-style beach food, and watch surfers catch waves. Venice Beach, Malibu, and Marina del Rey all have stunning coastline views and provide tourists and locals alike their own unique slice of life. Other attractions in the 310 area code include shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, nightlife in West Hollywood, and mountain views in Topanga.

Where is 310 Area Code?

The 310 area code currently covers only one county called Los Angeles and 35 cities. And the top 3 cities in area code 310 are Los Angeles, Torrance and Compton.

Los Angeles is located in a basin in Southern California, near to the Pacific Ocean, and extends through the Santa Monica Mountains and into the San Fernando Valley, covering approximately 469 square miles. Los Angeles was classified as the world's 19th most competitive financial center in the 2017 Global Financial Centers Index.

Torrance is located in the South Bay sector of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It features 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) of Pacific Ocean beaches and a mild year-round environment with an average annual rainfall of 12 inches (300 mm). In addition, the American Honda Motor Company's headquarters are located in Torrance, California.

The Time Zone of 310 Area Code

The time zone for the 310 area code is Pacific Standard Time. America/Los Angeles can be another name for the Pacific time zone.

The History of 310 Area Code

As the population of Los Angeles County grew, a new area code was needed, and 310 was created to split the region covered by 213, one of California's initial area codes. Six years later, a still-growing population prompted the development of area code 562, which was broken off from 310. The California Public Utilities Commission recommended an additional area code overlay for the 310 region in 1999, as Los Angeles' population approached 3.7 million, to enhance the number of accessible telephone numbers for the city's still-growing population. Users must enter the precise 3-digit area code in addition to the telephone number in regions where area codes are overlaid, rather than the prior approach, which only required dialing the 7-digit area code. Many residents in Los Angeles found 10-digit dialing to be inconvenient. Area code 424 was adopted in 2006 to overlay area code 310, following a seven-year community outcry to prevent the overlay.

The Demographics of 310 Area Code

California's Area Code 310 encompasses 528.69 square miles. There are 103 non-unique postal area zip codes in Area Code 310.

According to census data, the current population of the 310 area code is 2,538,060 people. And the statistics show that there are 1,205,774 white people, 886,585 Hispanic people, and the rest are largely black or Asian people. The ratio of male to female is relatively even, with 1,252,949 males and 1,285,111 females in the 310 area code.

The Main Industries of 310 Area Code

A wide array of industries, including manufacturing, entertainment, retail, food service and hospitality, technology, and banking and finance is supporting the development of 310 area code.

Manufacturing is one of the most important sectors in the area. Apparel, computer and electrical products, transportation products, fabricated metal products, food products, and furnishings are all produced in the Los Angeles area. The expected job increase in the next years adds to the area's appeal as a place to do business. Startups and up-and-coming businesses will be able to reach out to the millions of individuals who live in the 310 area code in California.

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