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Ife Miller: Get 2 good Huston Numbers on Dingtone  That Verizon Does Not Have

Ife Miller: Get 2 good Huston Numbers on Dingtone That Verizon Does Not Have

December 13, 2016 by The Dingtone Team

Cannot get desired phone numbers from your local carrier?
Looking for a personalized phone number?

Dingtone can help! We have area codes that even the carrier does not have.

Even better, you can easily port out Dingtone phone number to your local phone carrier including AT&T, Verizon, T&Mobile and Sprint. That’s something big!

Ife Miller from Huston just picked 2 good phone numbers from Dingtone and port out to her carrier Verizon. Check out her story:

Why do you choose to get a US phone number on Dingtone? Instead of picking one from the carrier?

The carrier will state they don’t have numbers in one prefix or another. From experience by use of Dingtone for quite some time now, I’ve learned Dingtone can generate prefixes of choice that many wireless carriers cannot.

So I found an alternative route to gaining the prefix of my choice and just porting that number into my wireless service provider.

Which prefix did you get on Dingtone?

832 and a 281 which are becoming rare in Houston which is why they created a new prefix about a year or so ago.

Thanks to Ife for sharing her story. We are happy that Dingtone comes to help. What’s your original story of Dingtone? Find us on Facebook and we would love to hear from you.

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He Earned 5193 Dingtone Credits in Just One Week

He Earned 5193 Dingtone Credits in Just One Week

December 13, 2016 by The Dingtone Team

For most of users, 5000 credits is not a small amount.But Muhammad earned 5193 Dingtone credits in one single week. Scroll down to check out his secret.

Muhammad Tahir, the man who earned 5193 credits in the past Dingtone Credit Olympics and was awarded 500 Dingtone credits.

Muhammad is from Saudi Arabia. He is a chartered accountant and works in a finance consultancy forum as a Regional Income Auditor.

For most of users, 5000 credits is not a small amount.But Muhammad earned 5193 Dingtone credits in one single week. You must be wondering what secret tricks he has, yet his way is simple- try to complete almost every offer you see and you will reap what you sow. “Yes, I have won the first place in Dingtone Olympics by earning more than 5000 credits in a single week, I complete many offers in Tapjoy and other sponsors working with Dingtone, I mostly complete surveys, download apps, play games, watch videos. That is, I almost complete every offer I saw.”

“I first use Dingtone 10 months ago; referred to me by one of my friend I am still thankful to him.” Now he spends more than 60 minutes a day on Dingtone. “Before Dingtone I used many VoIP Apps for calling but none of them worked properly. When you are choosing a calling app you do not need to compare Dingtone to some other app, because Dingtone is far better than any calling app.”

Sure, supreme calling quality is a majoy appeal for him.  Besides, rich features prove a big plus.  “Lots of benefits, you can call free and earn credits easily to call anyone. You can have a US phone number just for 100 credits. You can use it on multiple devices; you do not need a fax machine when you have Dingtone.” Among all the features, what is your favorite? “I like sending and receiving messages option the most.”

Muhammad is very helpful and passionate. Recently, he gave us a big hand in a SMS test program. He would constantly give suggestions on the new features. His last suggestion is about a favorite number option. “Why not Dingtone add a feature of favorite number like we have in other networks. We pay a fix amount of credits for one number monthly and make free calls to that number or enjoy lower rate for that number.” Good idea! And we will take it into serious consideration. He is also sharing Dingtone to each and every friend of his. “I refer this to all my friends living here abroad, There are many of them.”

Thanks to Muhammad for sharing your story! You make us believe that 5000 Dingtone credits is not that distant. The possibilities are infinite!

We’re always happy to hear about your story with Dingtone. If you want to share your story, find us on Facebookand we may feature you.