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What is 707 Area Code

The 707 area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan. It was founded on March 1, 1959, as a split from the area code 415. The area code 415 was split into two flash-cuts, one of which had the area code 707.

Where is 707 Area Code

The 707 area code is utilized throughout North America and is located in California's Northwestern region. The area code is the only one that serves the area. And it also serves cities like Santa Rosa, Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, Napa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Suisun City, Eureka, Benicia, Windsor, American Canyon, Dixon, Arcata, Ukiah, Clearlake, McKinleyville, Fortuna, Healdsburg, Sonoma, Cloverdale, Crescent City, Rio Vista, Fort Bragg, Rose Land, Cotati, and more.
Santa Rosa is the largest city within this area code. It is 55 miles north of San Francisco and serves the county seat of Sonoma County, in the North Bay region of the Bay Area in California. Located in the center of Wine Country, Santa Rosa has numerous wineries and is a good palce for tasting Sonoma County wine. It hosts a wide variety of bike trails for all levels of experience which attracts cycling enthusiasts from around the world.

The Time Zone of 707 Area Code

The 707 area code is located in the Pacific time zone.

The History of 707 Area Code

The far northern region of California gained area code 916 when AT&T developed the North American Numbering Plan in 1947, with the exception of Sacramento, which had area code 415. In 1950, California area codes were rearranged geographically, and 916 was assigned to a numbering plan area that only covered the northeastern portion of the state, from the Sierra Nevada to the Central Valley. Area code 415 was assigned to the western coastal area. Sacramento's area code was likewise changed to 916 as a result of this shift.

On March 1, 1959, numbering plan area 415 was divided in a flash-cut (without a permissive dialing period) in which the northern part of the numbering plan area (Solano County and beyond) received area code 707. This was California's eighth area code (along with 213, 415, 916, 714, 408, 805, and 209) and the state's last new area code until 619 was added in 1982. Prior to October 20, 2021, telephone numbers with the central office code 988 were assigned to area code 707.

The Demographics of 707 Area Code

According to the 2010 Census, the 707 area code has a population of 1,315,646 people, with 653,514 men and 662,132 women. The typical household income in the 707 area code is $41,878.96, with a median home value of $222,290.33. In addition, the 707 area code is home to around 980,000 white people, 210,000 Hispanic people, and 71,000 black people. Asians and people of different races make up the majority of the population. By the way, the 707 area code covers 10 counties and 140 cities.

Sonoma County which is one of the counties that 707 area code covers is bound to come up in any discourse about American wine. Sonoma County, the northernmost county in the San Francisco Bay Area, is one of the region's top wine growers. There are nearly 350 wineries in the area, as well as 13 recognized American Viticultural Areas. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon are all popular in Sonoma. It also produces hops, prunes, apples, poultry, and dairy goods in large quantities. As a result, agriculture is one of the most important sectors in the region.

The Main Industries of the 707 Area Code

The 707 area code covers the northwestern part of California, and the economy of this area is known for being the de facto global leader in high-tech (software, semiconductor/microelectronics, biotechnology, and medical devices/instruments), as well as clean energy, biomedical, government, and finance. Tourism, shipping, industry, and agriculture are all important industries. It really has a diverse economy.

Below are further details on some of the most common industries where persons with the 707 area code work:
● Around 21% of people in the 707 area code work in professions such as education, social services, or health.
● About 12% are involved in the retail trade sector.
● Manufacturing employs about 11% of the population, while the professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management services employ about 9% of the population.

Other Popular Area Codes

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